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Fine white powder lightly dusts my palms, sometimes covers, but more often than not accentuates the calluses on my hands. This is when I am most at peace, this is when I am happiest, this is when all is right with the world. Everything disappears, and nothing else matters.

Stepping off the ground transports me into another universe, one where I am acutely aware of my body, of my breathing, and I can feel every movement I make. The only resistance is my weight vs gravity. I am my only obstacle. There isn't someone I'm playing against that's trying to make me fail, but rather every move I make is progress. Every step, every reach, all of it brings me closer to my goal than before. Back down on earth, my mind is filled with ways in which I can climb toward the heavens, dreaming of escaping the warehouses and truly connecting with mother nature. Reading her lines, studying her features, feeling her underneath my fingers. Seeking out her imperfections and finding them beautiful, making her unique.

There may be a secret language spoken between us as she whispers quietly to me, revealing herself. During the day, I yearn for her rough edges, the wind in my hair, and the energy that the sun brings, but as evening comes and the moon rises, I slip into sleep, ready for the star lit adventure of my dreams.

This white powder, these calluses, they form bonds, they create community. My hands are rough, but I find new meaning in life meeting others that share the same trait. Blocks of chalk were shared today, but so were words of wisdom. Watching the men fly through the air, with the sea breeze through their hair and their lips kissing the sun... it was magical. As they invited me into their world, I had a taste of freedom. I saw the beauty of the ocean in a different light. it was simply amazing.


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